#ISA Pinto makes his own points about ISA

Reprinted with Jim Pinto's permission from an email to Pat Gouhin, CEO of ISA:

Invensys Management Musical Chairs

Word is out on the street this morning Sudipta Bhattacharya, currently president of Wonderware, has been tapped, at least on an interim basis, to fill the vacant spot left by Paulett Eberhart’s departure from Invensys Process Systems. He will also serve as COO of Invensys’ other industrial automation units,...

Ouch! That Smarts!

Some jokes are funny just because they're funny. Some, you laugh because if you didn't, you might cry. I think this one, from Control contributor Andrew Bond, who says he got it from Jim Pinto, comes in the second category. 

Dueling open letters...

 I knew that Dieter Schaudel's message would be controversial. I didn't think the messenger would get shot as bad as I've been over this weekend.

The Industrial Wireless Quadrille

In 1990, Jim Pinto, then CEO of Action Instruments, wrote a poem called, with apologies to Lewis Carroll's "Lobster Quadrille," the "Fieldbus Quadrille." It lampooned the then current Fieldbus War, and gave many people much enjoyment. Yesterday, Pinto released a new "Quadrille:"...

Listen up! Here's a couple of must read! articles by Jim Pinto

Jim Pinto has written a couple of articles recently that I think are must read...they speak to exactly the points he, and I, and people like Peter Martin and many others, have been making for several years now. The first is: Engineer - re-engineer yourself ( June 2007) -

Pinto makes an important point about Rockwell and ICS Triplex

. He says, "Now, what does this say about Rockwell Automation? Did they just buy a fattened-up pig? Just a few months ago they bought an Ireland-based Systems Integrator for an exorbitant price. Now another questionable acquisition in England for a price that is admittedly "dilutive to earnings in the ...