Pre-July 4 Out of Control

This just in from our "Out of Control buddy, Joe Kaulfersch, via Facebook. Karl Benz drives the first automobile, July 3, 1886. So blame Karl for the crummy traffic tomorrow.

Out of Control--Ten Ways You Know Your Internet Connection Is a Little Slow

Here's a bit of help from our IT department. No, actually it comes from our resident wag, Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl + Fuchs.

OUT of Control-- Einstein's Speech #pauto #humor

From the indefatigable Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs, a Friday Funny: 

OUT of Control-- What CEOs Really Do! #pauto

Another oldie but goodie from Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs:

Out of Control--the differences between dogs and computers #pauto

Friday funny from the irrepressible Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs:

OUT of Control-- Joe Kaulfersch does it again #pauto

"When you get older everything reminds you of a story."-Franklyn Kirk.  Well I remembered a story:   The Plan In the beginning was the Plan. And then came the "

OUT of Control-- Universal Laws-- Friday Funnies for Automation Professionals #pauto

From Pepperl+Fuchs' Joe Kaulfersch: 

Out of Control-- how to be a great writer -- #pauto

From Pepperl+Fuchs' inimitable Joe Kaulfersch:

OUT of Control: Abbott and Costello buy a computer

From our indefatigable humor monger, Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs:

OUT of Control-- I'm a survivor

From perennial humor contributor, Joe Kaulfersch of Pepperl+Fuchs: