Joe Weiss Testifies!

We've managed to extract from the Senate's streaming video feed only that part of the hearing that consists of Joe's testimony. The previous post gives the information on where to see the entire hearing, but we thought we'd give Joe's testimony itself some blog time.

Joe's been busy-- on panels and testifying before Congress

Our intrepid blogger has been a busy man. This week, he taught a course in security for IEEE in Seattle, was on a panel in Monterey, and testified before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

Wireless is not the only cyber vulnerable technology

Last week, I attended the ISA 100 Wireless meeting in Mt. View including the Trusted Wireless Interest Group (TWIG) meeting. There were several very good presentations on different aspects of security. However, none were specific to wireless.

Control System Security and Appropriate Vendor Technology

Ever since my days at EPRI managing various advanced instrumentation and controls programs, I have had vendors call me with products that are “the best thing since sliced bread”.

More from the Sausage Factory

Nancy here, sneaking into the blog-posting station again while Walt's not looking.

Joe Weiss does a podcast interview with Dale Peterson of DigitalBond

Dale Peterson, whose website, DigitalBond has resources for cybersecurity, and who hosts a popular cybersecurity blog of the same name, interviewed Joe Weiss of RealtimeACS and this blog last week.

Assuring Industrial Control System Cyber Security

Joe Weiss, Control's Unfettered blogger, was asked by CSIS to prepare a white paper on cyber security for industrial control systems (ICS).

Control sponsors 2008 ACS Cybersecurity Conference

Cyber Security Conference Focusing on Potential Causes, Prevention of Recent Power Blackouts and Plant Shutdowns (Trips) August 4-7, 2008 – Burr Ridge, IL   Applied Control Solutions, LLC announces the eighth in a series of conferences focused on cyber vulnerabilities of industrial control systems, August 4-7, 2008, in the southwest...

The Last Day: Joe Weiss Talks About Cyber-Deaths at Yokogawa Tech Fair

Cyber Does Affect Automation Devices Until 2000, my job was engineering agile and usable control systems. That meant vulnerable control systems,” said Joe Weiss, principal of Applied Control Solutions and founder of the Real-Time Cyber Security Conference. “Security and performance are generally in conflict.

Cyber Security Gets Serious

Well, it always was, of course, but now it seems we have the first fatalities related directly to a control system cyber failure. See the story from Wired here. Note that our own Joe Weiss is one of the key sources for the story. Nice to see a home boy making the big time.