Mr. Weiss Goes to Washington

As a follow-up to Joe Weiss' appearance before the congressional homeland security subcommittee yesterday, you might want to check out the live coverage. Scroll down the page and click on the "Live Link."  It's just as good in pictures as in the written form.

Control's Joe Weiss testifies before Congress

 Weiss says. In direct, honest and riveting testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security, Control's "other blogger" Joe Weiss yesterday hammered NERC, FERC and called NERC's attitude toward cybersecurity "alarming at best and negligent at worst," while he recommended that ISA be given responsi...

Check out Joe Weiss Unfettered...

is testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee hearings on cybersecurity in the power industry next Wednesday, October 17. He's blogging about it beforehand, in his blog, Unfettered. Today's post is about a "sanitized" communication ...

Joe Weiss "Unfettered"

I am delighted to report that Joe Weiss' new blog, "Unfettered" is now appearing on the home page. You can also access it directly here. Joe Weiss P.E., CISM, is managing partner of Applied Control Solutions, LLC, in Cupertino, CA. You can contact him at and (408) 253-7934For...

Applied Control Solutions Cyber Security Workshop Summary

The Applied Control Solutions 2007 Control Systems Cyber Security Workshop was held August 13-16 in Knoxville, TN. There were more than 100 attendees representing domestic and international commercial and government communities. The commercial attendees included representatives from electric, gas, and water utilities; chemical companies; pipelines, and vendors.

Talking to the Corner Office

This morning, I was supposed to give a speech at the RealtimeACS Cybersecurity Conference in Knoxville, Tenn. I couldn't make it, so I sent a video of the speech to Joe Weiss on a DVD. Katherine Bonfante, our Digital Managing Editor, has posted the speech at: For those of...

ACS Cybersecurity Conference pulls powerful speakers together

Control Magazine has been working very hard with Joe Weiss on this conference and we're really pleased to share the agenda with you. It is a real powerhouse conference. You can still come and be a part of it. Register at Agenda for the ACS CyberSecurity Conference

Joe Weiss reports on NERC CIP and Electric Utility Safety

How Secure are the Electric Utilities if They Implement the NERC CIP Standards? The NERC CIP standards were developed in a consensus fashion with representation from the smallest to the largest utility organizations. In order to obtain consensus, the NERC CIP standards are ambiguous and at best provide a "minimum bar".

Joe Weiss asks: Does Sarbanes-Oxley apply to control systems?

Does Sarbanes-Oxley apply to Control Systems?The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (often shortened to SOX) is legislation enacted in response to the high-profile Enron and WorldCom financial scandals to protect shareholders and the general public from accounting errors a...

An important announcement from Control and Applied Control Solutions

Control System Cyber Security Workshop to Focus on Real Events in Nukes and SCADA Systems Nuclear plants and SCADA systems have proven vulnerable to cyber attacks and accidents, and require special handling by IT and manufacturing.