Our Man in Mumbai

John Rezabek, the regular author of our "On the Bus" column, wears other hats as well. He is also a member of the Foundation Fieldbus Advisory Council. In that role, he is attending the 2011 Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly in Mumbai, India.

Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly 2010 - links to papers #pauto

Last week, as I posted then, I attended the 2010 version of the Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly in Houston, Tex.

More from Our Man in Yokohama

Here's the latest from Fieldbus Foundation 2009, courtesy of John Rezabek, who's attending it live and in person.

Our Man in Yokohama

John Rezabek, Control's fieldbus columnist is in Yokohama, Japan, attending the Fieldbus Foundation 2009 conference. He's reporting back for us. His first report follows: 

O, Mr. Rezabek, there's a problem with your column in May...

In May, we published a provocative column by John Rezabek (see "On the Bus" May 2008) that asked the question, "Is Intrinsic Safety Obsolete Yet?" We got lots of mail. As John said earlier this week when I saw him in Amsterdam, "I'm still pulling the spears out of my...