Pastor Dave gives a sermon...

Retired Emerson vice president of marketing, Dave Beckman, pointed out in his plenary talk today, "Engineer Revolution,"  that being a Presbyterian minister has taught him to make sure he has three points to cover in any talk.

Nuclear Industry Icon to Give Wednesday Lunch Keynote at Control System Cyber security Workshop

Henry Stone, the former General Manager of GE's Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory and Vice President and Chief Engineer of GE's Nuclear Energy Division, will provide the Wednesday lunch keynote at the Knoxville Control System Cyber Security Conference.   The talk will discuss what it took to build a new industry from...

News from the Rockwell Software TechEd Meeting

Our West Coast correspondent and senior technical editor, Dan Hebert, filed the following report about the Geoffrey Moore keynote at the Rockwell TechEd meeting. Noted author Geoffrey Moore gave the keynote address at Rockwell Automation's recent RSTechEd event, June 17-20 in Fla.

Siemens User Group Has Over 860 Attendees

Hundreds of Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. customers, Solutions Partners and employees headed home today as the 2007 Siemens Automation Summit drew to a close after three and a half days of best practice sharing, hands-on training and networking at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Fla.

The Operator of the Future-- Arnold Oliver, Worsley Alumina Refinery

"We love to see our operators in action, just like our sports teams. We love them when they do well. We get frustrated with them when they make mistakes." Worsley management challenged the process control group with this question:

Dan McDougall on how Shell does process security

Dan McDougall on Process Control Security - Shell Upstream  How Shell EP is responding to Global Threats  "If you aren't aware that this is...

Urso Magnifico rides again!

"Next we have a very powerful former engineer who joined the dark side: marketing. The author of 'Pimping Your Refinery,' Jason Urso!" He was introduced by the Max Headroom character, Franz Schwarzenegger who claims to be "Arnold's brother." [there will be a recreation of this part of the blog post--...

Lessons from Texas City

Safety requires passionate and effective leadership, says MIT professor Nancy Leveson, a member of the Baker Commission that investigated the accident at BP Texas City. Managing and Controlling Safety needs clear definition of expectation, and we have to continue to adapt to changing conditions.

First blast from Honeywell User Group

David Otto, co-chair of the Honeywell User Group, introduced the event by interacting with a Arnold-sounding Max Headroom character who noted that people had come from everywhere to be here, "even Houston." Following Otto, who I will be interviewing later today for a video podcast, was Jack Bolick, president of Honeywell.

Founder's Closing Comments

Nizar J. Somji, the Founder and CFO, was the closing speaker for the Matrikon Summit 2007. "It was an amazing conference. I think the quality of the presentations was absolutely remarkable," he said. "At the last conference I pointed out that when people were travelling at the speed of donkeys,...