How can we provide Mechanical and Process Engineering Regulatory Control Guidance Tips (Part 1)?

The mechanical, piping, and process design determines the steady state and integrating process gains and the process deadtimes and lags. The process engineer usually sets the project basis for the control system in the development of the Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and in the writing of the operating and process descriptions.

Checklist for Loop Analysis by Trend Charts

Humans have an incredible capability to see and analyze patterns. The setup of the data historian and trend chart can either hide or enable the recognition of essential patterns. The check list can help you identify the root cause of poor loop performance and a potential solution.

Future PV Values are the Future

Control loops have to deal with disturbances and setpoint changes, yet operator displays give a static picture. The simple identification of the loop deadtime and calculation of the process variable (PV) rate of change can be used to provide intelligent trends and future trajectories that not only help the operator...