Top Control changes sides

For at least 14 years, Michel Ruel of Top Control has been the training arm of Expertune. Yesterday, Matrikon and Top Control announced that Ruel and Top Control will now be doing the same thing, but as Matrikon's partner instead. So Ruel was a prominent speaker at the Matrikon Summit.

Moving toward "bottom line" automation...

If you do one thing well, you are an expert. If you do two things well you are a prodigy. If you do three things well, you are amazing, but if you do everything well, you are a mountebank. Mike Brown is a mountebank. He does everything he touches well.

From the innovation track:Model Intelligence for Process Control-- Tai-Ji

Yucai Zhu, president of Tai Ji Control, Tai-Ji (Tai Chi) is the Chinese system of balanced philosophy. "I thought, wow! This is control! So I named my company Tai-Ji." A few words about MPC: MPC is the standardtool for advanced process control with tremendous benefits in the refining/petrochem industry,...

From the innovation track: controllers, alarms and critical instrument management

Trevor Hrycay of Suncor and Mike Brown of Matrikon presented a research project with University of Alberta, Suncor and Matrikon. Mike Brown indicated that this project provides a "three legged stool" for looking at real deployment, determining the real issues of adoption, reformulating work processes, etc.: the IRC Research Chair.

6 Myths of Process Performance

George Buckbee presented an interesting discussion on some frequently quoted myths:

Remote Diagnostics with PlantTriage Enterprise Edition

Chris McAnarney of Imerys is a Chemical Engineer from Colorado School of Mines, with experience in magnesium production, carbon black and ground calcium carbonate, as an operations Manager. In his case study, remote diagnostics were used to leverage plant and corporate engineering experts to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

More from Expertune/TiPS...

One of the problems I have with multiple tracks is that I haven't invented a cloning process yet... Of course, if I ever do figure out how to clone myself, I won't be working here any more (grin).

Expertune expands to the enterprise...

George Buckbee announced yesterday the availability of Expertune Enterprise and PlantTriage 7.0. PlantTriage 7.0's important feature is the ability to integrate with the enterprise-- AND an innovative use of token and string technology to enable easy integration of PlantTriage into any language, including two-byte languages such as Japanese and Chinese.