Our January 2013 Issue is Ready. See This Year's Readers' Choice Awards Winners

In the January issue, find out our readers' favorite automation resources and suppliers in "Who Had the Nicest Ice in This Years' Readers' Choice Awards?" plus, follow along with Jim Montague as he describes the ex

Have You Checked Out Our October 2012 Digital Edition?

Our cover story addresses the knotty question of how you know when you have enough security. Is it possible to spend too much? How do you tell? Plus, read about how a gold mine is using simulation for operator training and process improvement; how to find the right flowmeter for...

Read our September 2012 Issue Online

This issue of Control talks about the sweet advances in simulation that allow once-separate silos to cross-pollinate into a functional whole from which users can pick the elements they need for design, configuration, training and process optimization.

The March 2012 Issue is here!

Control's March issue is all about road maps. Our cover story "The Control Room of the Future - Smarter Reality" shows readers how to navigate through all the glitz and shiny new tools and applications to get to the best, most practical and functional 21st-century control room for their needs.

December 2011 Digital Issue

The December issue of Control magazine is now online and ready for viewing. It features our annual rating of the Top 50 automation companies, both globally and in North America.This year, vendors are all doing well, but are nervous about the future.

Control's July 2011 issue is now online and ready for viewing

Control's July cover story focuses on "Tribal Knowledge" and how new tools are preserving vital process know-how