Enough with the TAFLAs!

What is a TAFLA - try Three And Four Letter Acronyms.  It is time to put an end to acronyms.  They have outlived their usefulness.  They do more harm than good.  First a little history.  Many acronyms, particularly three letter ones like ERP, MES and EAM, came about in the...

Why Manufacturing 2020?

I chose the title for this blog based on the dual meanings of 2020. First of all the year 2020 isn't all that far away yet there is doubt that many manufacturers, particularly in the developed world, will survive to see 2020.

Out of Control: Monday Afternoon Wise Words about Programming, Leadership, Planning and Other Things

Messing around in the social media corner of the Internet today (specifically Twitter) and found this item thanks to Jason Hiner, The editor in chief at TechRepublic.  Proverbs about programming and other technical adventures. Worth a few minutes of your time.

More News from the ARC Forum

Lots o' news coming out of the ARC Forum down in Orlando. Judging from the number of releases Walt Boyes, Da Boss, is sending here to be uploaded, all those refugees from last week's blizzard have NOT, contrary to expectations, spent all their time at the pool.

Another Plug for the Strength of American Manufacturing

This release came over the transom this morning. Some thought-provoking ideas on the economy and manufacturing's piece of the recovery. It's commentary from Dr. Chris Kuehl, Economic Analyst, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International.

Look Out, Management, Mobility and Smart Apps Aren't Coming, They're Here!

The Mobile Automation Revolution

The Weather's Good in Munich Too

Apparently things are quite sunny in Munich as well as Milwaukee. (FWIW, it's  46 deg F. and sunny there today.) But even if it had been raining buckets, I think the folks at Siemens would be smiling. This news came over the wires this morning:

Sunshine in Milwaukee

It's been a lovely fall here in the Midwest. Lots of sunshine. And today the sun was shining just a bit brighter up the road in Milwaukee. This morning, Rockwell Automation released it's 2010 fourth-quarter earnings report, which gave CEO Keith Nosbusch and the rest of the Rockwell gang a...

And More Congresscritters Discover that Manufacturing Is Important

A quick update to my last post. A couple of Congressmen from my own state have also discovered manufacturing. 

Good Rockwell 3Q Numbers, and Keith Nosbusch Mounts Soapbox for Manufacturing

Have spent most of the day on the phone interviewing folks on various subjects. The morning began with a conference call announcing Rockwell Automation's 3Q 2010 results. Things are looking good for the Milwaukee-based company. The short take is this: