More on OneWireless from HUG

Keith Larson reports on new offering that gives users the choice between ISA100.11a and Wi-Fi--or both.

Mr. Hodge Explains All About Virtualization at HUG Session

Paul Hodge, Honeywell product manager, Experion infrastructure & HMI, took attendees at the 2010 Honeywell User Group Conference on a stroll through the universe of "virtualization," explaining what it is and why it is a good thing for your process operation.

Walt Boyes Reports on Honeywell Wireless Panel

Walt has just submitted this report on a wireless roundtable discussion from the Honeywell user conference. Seems the notion of one wireless standard is out there among the troops, if not among all the vendors.

Honeywell Announces a More Flexible Wireless Network Option

This announcement came out of the Honeywell Users Group conference in Phoenix this morning.

His Name is Urso, Jason Urso

Our fearless, intrepid reporter, Jim Montague, has gone into the scary lair of that most dangerous of crime fighters, James Bond, and come back with a report. First important piece of news. James Bond is really Jason Urso of Honeywell.

Gilsdorf Talks Mega-Trends

Mike Bacidore just posted this report from the Honewell User Group meeting: Norm Gilsdorf talks about four major trends in business and process automation. 

Live from Phoenix, Day 1

The Honeywell User Group conference is in full swing down in Phoenix, and. in spite of the heat (yes, it is 98 deg F there this afternoon, which kind of puts a different perspective on the  68 deg F and cloudy here at ControlGlobal central).

First Honeywell News of the Day

The 2010 Honeywell Users Group in Phoenix is just about cranking up as we speak, but the PR folks have been up very early. This is the first bit of news that popped up in my mailbox this morning.

Maybe the Gulf of Mexico Needs a Little Help from Its Friends

My dad always said that if you couldn't help solve a problem, the least you could do was get out of the way of the people who were working on it. That's why I have deliberately not given voice to my feelings, opinions, off-the-cuff comments and snotty remarks about The...

Siemens Does Charlotte

Haven't heard from Walt today (or is it yesterday or tomorrow?), so either he's having way too much fun in China or is out of Internet range. So. . . meanwhile, back at the ranch, this popped up in my mailbox this morning: