The Difference Between Process Control & Management

According to Webster control is “to exercise restraining or directing influence over” whereas manage is “to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of”.  Subtle but distinctly different.  While process control may be necessary to ensure safety and proper operation it is process management that makes money for t

Deja Vu - All Over Again

As I have noted in the last several posts I have been traveling a lot lately and it has just been recently that I have finally caught up with reading all my email, blogs I follow and the forums/groups that I belong to.

Women in Manufacturing

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, about a third of all manufacturing workers today are women. Manufacturing jobs today are far from the labor-intense jobs they were in previous years. Today, the manufacturing field is a high-tech one that requires a lot of attention to detail.

More musical chairs in automation...Phil Schreiber joins Batchelor Controls

The economy is making it inevitable for better positioned system integrators to expand and attract high quality talent that the larger players in the industry cannot afford right now. This will position niche companies like Batchelor Controls much better for growth in the coming economic expansion.