News You May Have Missed This Week

Thanks to multiple ways to keep informed available and thehard limit of 24 hours in every day, keeping up with the news is harder thanever. So as a semi-regular service of the SoundOff! Team, we bring you a fewstories you may have missed that you'll wish later you hadn't.

Manufacturing Jobs on American Soil. As Easy as Hitting the Print Button

Interesting video on how two start-up companies here in the United States are creating jobs in our neighborhoods. These companies use innovative ideas they gather from their global social media communities to bring a product concept to life.

How Can We End America's Manufacturing Skills Deficiency?

Between 2001 and 2009, the United states lost 6 million manufacturing jobs, however, since then, there has been a slow but growing economic recovery proving that American manufacturing is not a thing of the past. Today, U.S.

Women in Manufacturing

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, about a third of all manufacturing workers today are women. Manufacturing jobs today are far from the labor-intense jobs they were in previous years. Today, the manufacturing field is a high-tech one that requires a lot of attention to detail.

Better Robots to Replace Skilled Workers

New and improve robots can replace skilled workers around the world in both manufacturing and distributions jobs. Right now, many corporations and electronic giants in America and worldwide, outsource low-skilled workers to contries where labor costs come out cheap.

Smart Manufacturing Jobs Pay and Pay Well

The New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies reports that as of 2009, there were over 3,700 smart manufacturing/high technology (SMHT) companies in New Hampshire, employing almost 80,000 people, and paying an average wage of more than $1,200 per week.

Thinking about Manufacturing

Found a link today that really got me thinking. It's a great story about how some folks are thinking differently about manufacturing, and it's worth the read. It builds the case for what the author, Alicia Rouault, calls small urban manufacturing.

A Guest Post: Dick Morley Sounds Off! #pauto #mfg #manufacturing

Been thinking about innovation, outsourcing, and the world in general.

Good Rockwell 3Q Numbers, and Keith Nosbusch Mounts Soapbox for Manufacturing

Have spent most of the day on the phone interviewing folks on various subjects. The morning began with a conference call announcing Rockwell Automation's 3Q 2010 results. Things are looking good for the Milwaukee-based company. The short take is this:

What "enabling the plant of the future" really means #pauto #mfg #manufacturing

I hadn't seen Nancy Bartels' excellent blog post while I was on vacation before I wrote this, which is the draft of my August editorial.