The Class of 2011: The Process Automation Hall of Fame #pauto

I am pleased to announce the Class of 2011 for the Process Automation Hall of Fame. Elected by their peers in the Hall, these automation professionals have made clear and extensive contributions to the domain of process automation, and are being recognized for their work and careers.

YOU heard it here first! ISA106 Procedure Based Automation Standard Committee approved! #pauto

Having worked withWBF for many years, and having become convinced that the techniques and technologies of the ISA88 batch standard could be applied successfully in other, non-batch industries and processes, several of us, including Marcus Tennant, Dave Emerson (who will be one of the co-chairs) and Maurice Wilkins of Yokogawa,...

Yokogawa Establishes IA Global Marketing Center, Appoints Maurice Wilkins VP

As promised, here's the text of the press release announcing the latest marketing move by Yokogawa. This complements the move several years ago of Yokogawa Electric International from Japan to Singapore. It is likely to be Chairman Isao Uchida's crowning achievement as longtime leader of Yokogawa that he has pushed,...