Shopping Wars, II

Well, that was quick. The email below from ABB relating to the Emerson offer for Chloride appeared in my inbox this morning.

Shopping Wars

The boss is supposed to be on vacation, and I'll be driving the blogging machine for a few days, but, on  the other hand, I keep getting emails from him. (Walt. are you listening? Go on vacation already!) so you may be hearing from him as well.

It's not a dead cat bounce-- Maverick just keeps on getting bigger.

St. Louis based Maverick Technologies, which is one of the largest system integrators in the world, has gotten a wee bit bigger, with a new acquisition that positions them squarely in the food and beverage market.

For Brooks Instrument, there IS life after Emerson!

Spun off from Emerson on the last day of 2007, Brooks Instrument has had a tumultuous year-and-a-quarter of "life after Emerson." Brooks is one of the oldest instrumentation companies in the world, and being cut loose from Emerson after two decades has given the company an apparent new lease...

Those that have, do...

The companies that went into the recession or whatever we're calling this economic meltdown is, with full bags of money are beginning to find high value acquisitions at quite reasonable prices. Here's a press release from Emerson Process Management about a new acquisition:

The Big Dogs Are Hunting

Found this announcement in the overnight news. According to the folks at Bloomberg, IBM is licking its chops over the struggling Sun Microsystems. Long seen as a something of a maverick in the big-iron computer business, Sun also has been the little brother running hard to catch the big kids...

Dow says merger talks with Rohm and Haas going well

From Bloomberg News:

Snow Day!!

If anybody wants to call Control's offices in Itasca today, feel free, but no one is going to answer. The snow and ice storm that came down overnight has forced us to close the office and work from home. I know. Life is hard for we journalists.

Mergers and Acquisitions are still alive and well, despite the economic crisis...

[img_assist|nid=2501|title=Christensen Display|desc=New Christensen Display product for Pepperl+Fuchs|link=url|url=|align=right|width=100|height=83]Pepperl+Fuchs announces the acquisition of Christensen Display Products. Headquartered in Preston, WA, Christensen Display Products designs and manufactures ruggedized, industrial-grade, flat-panel monitors for the process and industrial control markets.