Hitchhiking and 2020

This post was supposed to be about why the SMLC initiatives might deliver a step change in manufacturing productivity when past efforts have fallen short but that will have to wait until the next post.

Is Now the Time?

In my previous post I suggested that manufacturing might be at a point where we can make a step-change in productivity.  Unlike the past 20-25 years where it seems we have struggled with the integration of process control and business systems and deriving value from that integration recent advances in...

Charlie Gifford Is Teaching a MES/MOM Course in May

This just in. Charlie Gifford, author of the Hitchhiking Through Manufacturing blog right here on CG, is teaching the the MES/MOM Methodology Certificate of Competency (CoC) Program as part of the MESA Global Education Program (GEP). The course will be held in mid May in Boston. For details, go here.

Learn MES/MOM Methodology in Certificate Course

Good Day All, I am teaching the MES/MOM Methodology Certificate of Competency (CoC) Program as part of the MESA Global Education Program (GEP):

Abbott Labs Creates Support Model for Global MES

Our colleague Mike Bacidore just posted this report from the Honeywell Users Group meeting on how Abbott Labs works with Honeywell to install MES systems at its facilities in Ireland and Puerto Rico.

The MES Guide for Executives

I received yesterday a review copy of Bianca Scholten's latest book: MES Guide for Executives: Why and How to Select, Implement, and Maintain a Manufacturing Execution System. It is published by ISA Press. I'm going to read it over the weekend and I'll let you know what I think.

Oracle "Hearts" Asian Manufacturing

This popped up in a newsletter from ARC. Seems the other big gun in ERP, Oracle, has discovered there's gold in them there manufacturing hills--at least in Asia. Below are excerpts from the report

Did you see the Market Intelligence Report: Process Control Software?

Hello All, Well I have been lost in space again. It has been an interesting month with my clients and vacation. I am now back with my feet on the ground and blogging will be picking up.

The Last Day: Yokogawa's Dave Emerson Integrates the Enterprise

Adoption Standards Is Key in Business and Control System Integration. “There are people,” began Dave Emerson, principal systems architect for Yokogawa Corp. of America, “who believe that a non-standard approach to integration allows them to continue to differentiate themselves in the market. They are wrong.