Live from WBF 2008--The Challenge of Integrating Multiple Batch Systems to Global Business Systems

Frede Vinther NNE Pharmaplan A/S presented on this challenge. His agenda: Background Needs and Obstacles Alignment and Discrepancy – The Human Factor Manufacturing Scheme Manufacturing Operations Management Standards Path Forward People and Governments spends more and more money on Healthcare; The more wealthy the more money are spend.

Congratulations to Charlie Gifford!!

Once in a while, I get to say something I really am pleased about. This press release from GE has been a very long time in coming. Charlie Gifford and I have been friends for many years, and we've worked together on projects long before we began our respective current...

Good-bye Cimnet; Hello Invensys

Following are excerpts from an email that just popped up in my inbox:  July 2, 2007 Dear Valued CIMNET Customer:As you may already know, on May 3, 2007 CIMNET, Inc. executed a definitive agreement to merge its business operations into Invensys.

Open Source ERP???

Everybody knows, right? What are some of the things everybody knows? Well, in control system integration, everybody knows that SAP is the ERP system you must have experience with. But the truth is that SAP is for big enterprises.

Oh, this is truly good! Honest!

Just received this press release from ISA. This is great, especially if the CD is searchable by keyword.

They saved the best for last...Paul Whittaker on "Missed Opportunity Reporting"

Paul Whittaker is from Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (after the merger with PhelpsDodge a couple of months ago).  His paper won an award for best project at the awards dinner on Tuesday night. He began with a famous quote.

Sean Leonard on OPC

Sean Leonard is the Director of Matrikon's OPC business. He's the first speaker on the last day- not the best spot, of course, but we'll see. His presentation is called "Interoperability: The Key to Business Agility" and is subtitled "The Business Case for OPC." The first question raised at this...

From the power industry consortium

When Dynegy's flagship Baldwin Energy Complex was upgraded to Emerson Ovation control systems in 2001 to 2003, alarm management suddenly became a critical issue. Nuisance alarms were overwhelming the plant's existing and very traditional printer-and-CRT control-room monitoring, making it unnecessarily difficult for operators and plant management to clearly and...

Meridian Energy Rides Again!

Predicting Maintenance in Hydroelectric Power Generation Neil Gregory from Meridian Energy gave a follow-up to yesterday's general session discussion by Garth Dibley. Meridian Energy is New Zealand's largest energy provider. They are a "...

From the innovation track: Human centered design

Innovation track