ABB World Twitter Update 3

Here's the link to Walt's pix from ABB World. More to come.

ABB World Twitter Update 2

10:21 a.m. #APW10 Terwiesch gives a major tech update. I will post on Soundoff soon.

Siemens' Raj Batra on Smart Grid #CSIA2010

Raj Batra, president of Siemens Industry in the USA gave a discussion of what Smart Grid means to the automation industry, to the culture, and to individual people.

Control's April 2010 Digital Issue Is Ready

Control's April issue is now online and ready for viewing.

Your Chance to Weigh In

If you hang out on Twitter, follow some of the manufacturing blogs, or just read the business section of the papers, you may have noticed that suddenly manufacturing is a hot topic. From being the old-economy, dirty, boring subject nobody wanted to pay attention to because everything virtual, online, mobile...

Flashing = Bad

Flashing = Bad is true on so many levels, but being a family blog, the one we're talking about here is arc flash. Not something you want to have happen or be around when it does.

A Concentration of Minds

It's interesting to watch an idea come of age. I've been covering manufacturing of one sort or another for more years than I'm usually prepared to admit to, and from the beginning, about once a year, someone would come up and say, "You know, you really oughta do a story...