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"But what is it you actually do?" demands your mom, your non-engineering friends, the guy down the block and the annoying guy at the neighborhood barbeque party.  It's hard to come up with an "elevator ride" answer on the spur of the moment. Engineering's complicated.

Blowin' in the Wind.

This just in, thanks to my buddy, Mike Bacidore, the editor in chief of Control's sister publication, Plant Services.  WAGO is using a wind turbine at it's North American headquarters in Germantown, WI, to serve as a demo for some of its products AND save some money at the same time.

Getchyer HUG News Here!

Things are popping in Phoenix. It's only the middle of the afternoon there, and we have reports on

Abbott Labs Creates Support Model for Global MES

Our colleague Mike Bacidore just posted this report from the Honeywell Users Group meeting on how Abbott Labs works with Honeywell to install MES systems at its facilities in Ireland and Puerto Rico.

Mr. Hodge Explains All About Virtualization at HUG Session

Paul Hodge, Honeywell product manager, Experion infrastructure & HMI, took attendees at the 2010 Honeywell User Group Conference on a stroll through the universe of "virtualization," explaining what it is and why it is a good thing for your process operation.

Gilsdorf Talks Mega-Trends

Mike Bacidore just posted this report from the Honewell User Group meeting: Norm Gilsdorf talks about four major trends in business and process automation. 

Live! From the Honeywell Users Conference.

Been a busy week here at the ControlGlobal popstand what with all the usual business of getting the July issue ready (some good stuff happening there), keeping up with the news, and trying not to lose focus in light of the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup win (awful lot of folks "working...