Have You Seen This Little Girl?

You probably have--in your neighborhood, at church, at the supermarket hawking Girl Scout Cookies, at a family reunion or Christmas party. Maybe she even lives at your house. She's smart, imaginative and creative. She's got a quirky outlook on life.

Mommas, More Ways to Help Your Babies Grow Up to Be Engineers

National Engineering Week is Feb 20-26 this year. Besides buying a drink or sending a flower to your favorite engineer, there are other things you can do to promote the industry and, more to the point, get the young 'uns fired up about the possibility of becoming engineers.

First You Get Their Attention

The wise old sage who wrote Ecclesiasties tells us to cast our bread on the water, and if we're patient, our investment will pay off. It's National Engineers Week, and in honor of the event, Phoenix Contact is doing some ground-level recruiting of the youngest engineers that won't pay off...