Another Must-Read from the New York Times

Just about the time I have let myself be convinced by all the chatter among the talking heads that the print media (aka, "dead tree ware") really are dead, along comes a story that reminds me of why reading the papers is still a worthwhile exercise.

This Is What We're Up Against

Two articles have caught my eye in recent days that point out the weird disconnect between the crummy employment numbers and the fact that some manufacturers are going begging for employees. Both are from the New York Times.

Out of Control. Ideas: The weird, the funny, the ludicrous, and maybe hidden in there somewhere, the Next Big Thing

Here's an engineer's playground, found, of all places, in the design column of the New York Times. It's a sample of the work of Steven M. Johnson, billed as an " inventor/author/cartoonist/former urban planner."  Stuff to make you smile.

Bela's Big Brag!

From Bela Liptak: