Not Even Your Older Brother's HMI

One of the mixed blessings of being an editor in the trade press is the vendor presentation. No offense, folks, but not all of them are as riveting as they might be, and after you seen a number of "groundbreaking advances" that really aren't, you tend to get a little cynical.

Hitting a Nerve

Seems like my buddy Dan Hebert hit a nerve with his post last week about how hard some companies make it to reach and speak with a real, live person. Oddly, the nerve Dan hit belongs to one of the good guys--a supplier who knows how to do it right--Opto22.

Web 2.0 the Opto Way

Opto 22 sent me this thought-provoking press release. Opto has twigged to the blending of entertainment and education that especially younger automation professionals appear to be expecting. Just a quick look on YouTube gets us this interesting set of benchmarks. Searching on "industrial automation" gets 389 videos.

More doing well out of being green by Opto22

From the press release: State University of New York is Newest OptoGreen Grant Recipient SUNY New Paltz School of Science and Engineering Receives Funding for New York State Farm Solar Energy Projects Temecula, CA - February 20, 2008 - Opto 22, a developer and manufacturer of hardware and software for...

Opto also does well by doing good...

I wish more automation companies did more things like this...  from the release, sent by David Crump:   Opto 22 Announces First OptoGreen Grant Makila Hydro LLC Receives Sponsorship to Automate Maui-based Hydroelectric Plant  Opto 22, a developer and manufacturer of hardware and software for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data...