Can Automation Vendors Regain Their Strategic Relevance?

Today almost all of the major control systems suppliers are making massive investments in software.  The question is whether these investments will actually allow the control systems vendors to compete against software intensive firms like SAP, Microsoft, Google or Oracle?  Digital technology has embedded itself in all aspects of machinery. ...

Oracle "Hearts" Asian Manufacturing

This popped up in a newsletter from ARC. Seems the other big gun in ERP, Oracle, has discovered there's gold in them there manufacturing hills--at least in Asia. Below are excerpts from the report

And on Another Battlefront

Lest you think we're all wireless all the time here, I'll share pieces from an email that popped up in my in box this morning. "Late last night at in impromptu press conference, SAP announced that it had agreed to acquire Business Objects for 42 euros per share or around 4.8bn euros.

Why End Users "Heart" Middleware

Most of the gang is working long hours doing the electronic show daily at Emerson Exchange, and Walt is smoking up the wires with blog entries live from beautiful downtown Grapevine, Texas. Meanwhile, back at the Itasca ranch, we're getting reports in from the rest of the process automation world.