Elon Musk Wants Long-Distance Travel to Suck

But, Elon, you say, it already does. Not so fast. What about getting from New York to LA in 45 minutes? Or to China in two hours? Not so bad? What about putting yourself in a vacuum tube traveling at up to 4000 mph to get it done? Hm-m-m-m.

OUT of Control with Joe Kaulfersch: There's always room for beer! #pauto #engineer_humor #automation

From our resident humorist, Joe Kaulfersch: 

News You May Have Missed This Week

Thanks to multiple ways to keep informed available and thehard limit of 24 hours in every day, keeping up with the news is harder thanever. So as a semi-regular service of the SoundOff! Team, we bring you a fewstories you may have missed that you'll wish later you hadn't.

Friday Funnies--Out of Control

I don't always waste time surfing the InterWebs on Friday afternoons, but when I do, I often end up at recipe sites. And it's true, what the tweet that sent me here said. This is the best dumb recipe evah! How to make ice cubes! The comments are good too.

Pre-July 4 Out of Control

This just in from our "Out of Control buddy, Joe Kaulfersch, via Facebook. Karl Benz drives the first automobile, July 3, 1886. So blame Karl for the crummy traffic tomorrow.

OUT of Control - Control Goes to the Dogs

Last week our siter publication posted on their STEM to the Core blog a picture of one of our reader's son "reading" one of our 1993 issues of Control (see "The Influence of Control"). Today, that young reader is a biomedical engineering student at Texas A&M University.

More Out of Control

"But what is it you actually do?" demands your mom, your non-engineering friends, the guy down the block and the annoying guy at the neighborhood barbeque party.  It's hard to come up with an "elevator ride" answer on the spur of the moment. Engineering's complicated.

Friday Afternoon Feature--Out of Control--DIY Process Manufacturing of a Sort

Surfing the Net and ended up at one of my favorite food porn sites, (It was on my lunch hour, boss. Honest!) Here of all places, I found a neat basic process manufacturing project.

Out of Control--Ten Ways You Know Your Internet Connection Is a Little Slow

Here's a bit of help from our IT department. No, actually it comes from our resident wag, Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl + Fuchs.

Eric Byres' Magic Sous-Vide Machine

Right before Christmas, I posted a link from Eric Byres at Tofino Security about his sous-vide hack. For the uninitiated, a sous-vide is a vacuum cooker used in many restaurants. The real deal, even a "home cook" model, tips the register at $400+.