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We just received the following press release:

Fukushima in Our Food

Radiation from Japan is showing up in our food. Shouldn't we do something about it?

Images of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant after 2011 Earthquake & Tsunami

Through our Facebook feed we came across these pics - not released on major American news sites - of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant after the earthquake and tsunami.

More News from the ARC Forum

Lots o' news coming out of the ARC Forum down in Orlando. Judging from the number of releases Walt Boyes, Da Boss, is sending here to be uploaded, all those refugees from last week's blizzard have NOT, contrary to expectations, spent all their time at the pool.

Another Plug for the Strength of American Manufacturing

This release came over the transom this morning. Some thought-provoking ideas on the economy and manufacturing's piece of the recovery. It's commentary from Dr. Chris Kuehl, Economic Analyst, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International.

BP says good-by to Texas City

Thanks to my Twitter buddy, Mike Boudreaux, we have the following news via the Houston Chronicle and AP:

Look Out, Management, Mobility and Smart Apps Aren't Coming, They're Here!

The Mobile Automation Revolution

Another Must-Read from the New York Times

Just about the time I have let myself be convinced by all the chatter among the talking heads that the print media (aka, "dead tree ware") really are dead, along comes a story that reminds me of why reading the papers is still a worthwhile exercise.

Another Good Plan for the New Year

If you're looking for another New Year's resolution (perhaps to make up for the one that already fell by the wayside when you succumbed to the siren call of the Snickers bars in the candy machine), keeping up with or sharpening your professional skills is always a good one.

The Weather's Good in Munich Too

Apparently things are quite sunny in Munich as well as Milwaukee. (FWIW, it's  46 deg F. and sunny there today.) But even if it had been raining buckets, I think the folks at Siemens would be smiling. This news came over the wires this morning: