Walt's Excellent China Adventure in 140 Characters or Less

Here are Walt Boyes' comments on the Rockwell Automation China user group event via Twitter.

World Batch Forum 2010

Well, looks like Walt's left me with the keys to the blogging machine again. I'll try not to drive it into a wall while he's in China.

ABB World Twitter Update 3

Here's the link to Walt's pix from ABB World. More to come.

ABB World Twitter Update 2

10:21 a.m. #APW10 Terwiesch gives a major tech update. I will post on Soundoff soon.

Walt Tweets from ABB World

Walt Boyes is down in Houston attending ABB World. He's a great social media guy, but hasn't yet figured out how to blog and Twitter at the same time. (Come on, Walt. Time to work on your multi-tasking skills!) So we're reproducing here Walt's tweets from the opening day.

Liptak on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Got the following short email from our columnist and process control guru, Bela Liptak this morning. If you read our pages regularly, you know that Bela has some pretty definite opinions on the way things ought to be in process manufacturing.

OUT of Control -- A Friday Funny from "Engineer X" at Advanceon-- High Rise Automated Alcohol Delivery System

Here's a thoughtful blog post on the duty of engineers to make every process better:

Siemens' Raj Batra on Smart Grid #CSIA2010

Raj Batra, president of Siemens Industry in the USA gave a discussion of what Smart Grid means to the automation industry, to the culture, and to individual people.

Update on Oil Spill #pauto

Here's an update on the oil rig situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Not as bad as it might -- or could yet -- be.

Control's April 2010 Digital Issue Is Ready

Control's April issue is now online and ready for viewing.