OUT of Control-- I'm a survivor

From perennial humor contributor, Joe Kaulfersch of Pepperl+Fuchs:

WirelessHART-- it's not just for Emerson anymore!

As the ISA100.11a draft standard nears approval, the chorus of vendors committed to WirelessHART, at least for now, continues to swell. Last month, at Interkama, ELPRO Technologies, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Pepperl+Fuchs and MACTek all launched WirelessHART products.

OUT of Control-- Engineers versus God

From Joe Kaulfersch, our resident humorist from Pepperl+Fuchs:

OUT of Control-- If Automation Engineers ran the economy...

From Joe Kaulfersch at P+F:

OUT of Control: The Recently Retired Babyboomer Engineer

Hi Walt,

OUT of Control: All about problem solving...

Another good one from Joe Kaulfersch:

Mergers and Acquisitions are still alive and well, despite the economic crisis...

[img_assist|nid=2501|title=Christensen Display|desc=New Christensen Display product for Pepperl+Fuchs|link=url|url=|align=right|width=100|height=83]Pepperl+Fuchs announces the acquisition of Christensen Display Products. Headquartered in Preston, WA, Christensen Display Products designs and manufactures ruggedized, industrial-grade, flat-panel monitors for the process and industrial control markets.

How to prevent dust explosions...

Joe Kaulfersch of Pepperl+Fuchs tried to post as a comment a white paper that he wrote on preventing just the sort of dust explosion that we all theorize might have caused the disaster at the Imperial Sugar Dixie Crystals plant near Savannah, Georgia last Thursday.