Checklist for PID Migration Tips

Older Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and analog controllers tended to have different tuning setting units and methods of implementing integral and derivative action. A lack of understanding of the difference between the old and new PID features and tuning settings can lead to poor and even unstable control when migrating...

PID Tuning and Features Simplified to Meet Process Objectives

PID tuning and features determine process performance but the relationship is not well understood leading to a divergence of opinions and a multitude of rules. This seminar unifies major tuning rules to a simpler set that when used with key PID options can achieve a diverse spectrum of process objectives.

Checklist for Best PID Performance

There is an incredible offering of PID features and options enabling maximum disturbance rejection and setpoint response but also the coordination of loops and unit operation optimization. While the full aspects of the PID capability are book worthy, this checklist and an excerpt from an ISA Automation Week 2012 paper...