Getting Ready for PlantSuccess

Some thoughts as I try to tie up loose ends so I can leave tomorrow morning for PlantSuccess in Houston.

PlantSuccess Thursday agenda-- #pauto

Here's the scope of the Thursday session, next week, at PlantSuccess in Houston:

PlantSuccess-- sustainable manufacturing means higher profits and better operations--Energy Leadership #pauto

Next Wednesday and Thursday, the Houston version of Carl Howk's PlantSuccess conference will be held in Clear Lake, Texas. The event has been expanded from one to one-and-a-half days, to accommodate a pre-conference session. I am honored to be asked to speak at this session, since nearly all of the speakers...

The Antithesis of Fools-- PlantSuccess

Yesterday, Carl Howk, chairman of PlantSuccess, sent this out in his newsletter. I thought it worth repeating.

Get yourself a successful plant!

Here's an announcement from Carl Howk, Chairman of the PlantSuccess conference. Now, I understand that many of us have travel restrictions in place this year because of the economy, but if you can make this conference, I strongly urge you to.

PlantSuccess part three: and now a word from Carl's sponsors

Next up was a series of five minute "commercials" from Carl's Solution Partners. It was interesting to note that the only one of the Big Six automation companies present was Siemens, and the Wonderware Mobile Solutions division of Invensys.

PlantSuccess, part two: Strategies for Managing Operational Excellence in Turbulent Markets

After his keynote, Ortega took his place in a panel that was made up of former PlantSuccess keynoters, including Tom Archibald, vice president and director of engineering and operations for Rohm and Haas Company, now a division of Dow Chemical Company; Jim Porter, the recently retired Chief Engineer and...


For the past five years, Carl Howk has been trying to get me to attend one of his PlantSuccess conferences. Howk holds three a year-- one in the Northeast, one on the Gulf Coast, and one in Canada this year.