Phoenix Contact Goes off the Grid

To celebrate Earth Day, Phoenix Contact ( will unveil its new combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) system, and its president, Jack Nehlig, will ceremonially disconnect from the electric grid. The CCHP system is a natural gas, fixed microturbine system that will generate enough electricity to power the company’s Americas...

New Fieldbus Supplier CobaltProcess

Is the world ready for a “self-help” supplier of industrial networking tools and equipment? The people at Cobaltprocess ( in the Northwest USA certainly hope so.

Reliable Field Power – Achilles heel for Remote I/O

One of the reasons that many facilities do not approve the installation of repeaters on their industrial networks is because these installations all require power for the repeater element and unfortunately finding reliable power where and when you need it is not always a ‘sure thing’ and with the increased...