#pauto "The Top 7 Reasons Why Engineers Screw Up Press Releases"

From Venmark International, a company that specializes in writing product releases, comes a spot-on list of the things that engineers do wrong when they try to write their own press releases.

In Search of the Holy Grail: ISA Marketing and Sales Summit v5.0 #pauto #manufacturing #mfg

ISA Marketing and Sales Summit v.5.0

PR Wall of Shame-- more on untargeted pitches, this time a pitch from God (sort of)

Ah, the Interweb! How wonderful, how easy, how lazy it makes PR folks.

Rockwell shows what you CAN'T do with a brochure-- "A Day in the Life" of PlantPAx #pauto

At Rockwell Automation's Automation Fair in 2009, we were treated to a little bit of live theater. Several RA product managers put on a show about the features and usability of PlantPAx, the version of FactoryTalk and Integrated Architecture that RA has optimized for process, batch and hybrid automation.

Pseudo-targeting...from the PR Wall of Shame

Recently, I have been noticing that the number of poorly targeted email press releases I'm receiving has been increasing.