MPC Best Practices for ISA Certification of Automation Professionals (CAP) Tips

Here is a new section on Model Predictive Control Best Practices for the next edition of the Guide to the Automation Book of Knowledge that is the primary resource for the ISA Certification of Automation Professionals (CAP) Program. The following includes text that may not fit into the page allocation for Chapter 13 on advanced control. 

New Vulnerability in OLE reported by CIAC-- most considered "critical"

See the report:  The questions are: Does this vulnerability carry over into OPC-UA? And when do we GET OPC-UA?...

CDC Software Offers Unified Prepackaged Operations Management Solution for Process Industries

This morning, CDC Software released CDC Factory, which the company calls "the first packaged manufacturing operations management solution that integrates finite factory scheduling, MES, real-time performance management, quality, maintenance and analytics in one application."

The Operator of the Future-- Arnold Oliver, Worsley Alumina Refinery

"We love to see our operators in action, just like our sports teams. We love them when they do well. We get frustrated with them when they make mistakes." Worsley management challenged the process control group with this question:

From the power industry consortium

When Dynegy's flagship Baldwin Energy Complex was upgraded to Emerson Ovation control systems in 2001 to 2003, alarm management suddenly became a critical issue. Nuisance alarms were overwhelming the plant's existing and very traditional printer-and-CRT control-room monitoring, making it unnecessarily difficult for operators and plant management to clearly and...

Meridian's Journey to Asset Management Excellence

Knowledge may be power, but it can also take the form of speed.

Matrikon Summit 2007

"Matrikon is growing," says CEO Amin Rawji, "and this is reflected in the number of countries attending this event this year. We are truly a global company." "Our vision," he said, "is to be the key company to help you reach your operational excellence goals by helping manage all operational data.

Manuel Florez on the Real World of Batch

Quest for the Perfect Batch... A problem... A classic case of pproblems encountered with automation and control without fully understanding the process...  Problem description: We had a supply crisis, and increased demand..and we were met with a product taht was failing for poor reliability, high manufacturing costs, adn porduct qulity variances.

6 Myths of Process Performance

George Buckbee presented an interesting discussion on some frequently quoted myths:

Following me...

Lothar Lang, from Lyondell Chemical Company gave a second keynote this morning on Critical Condition Management. What made his talk very different from most is that he's talking about doing it on a corporate scale. "It is very important that the top management is aware and supportive of critical condition...