Remote Diagnostics with PlantTriage Enterprise Edition

Chris McAnarney of Imerys is a Chemical Engineer from Colorado School of Mines, with experience in magnesium production, carbon black and ground calcium carbonate, as an operations Manager. In his case study, remote diagnostics were used to leverage plant and corporate engineering experts to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

More from Expertune/TiPS...

One of the problems I have with multiple tracks is that I haven't invented a cloning process yet... Of course, if I ever do figure out how to clone myself, I won't be working here any more (grin).

Expertune expands to the enterprise...

George Buckbee announced yesterday the availability of Expertune Enterprise and PlantTriage 7.0. PlantTriage 7.0's important feature is the ability to integrate with the enterprise-- AND an innovative use of token and string technology to enable easy integration of PlantTriage into any language, including two-byte languages such as Japanese and Chinese.