The Rain, Not in Spain, But Other Places and Why It Matters

The always interesting Nick Denbow sent the item below in his regular email this morning.  It's worth reading, I think.

Out of Control . . . The More Things Change Dept.

Okay. We're way past living in "interesting times." More like "scary," or, depending on who your favorite tea-leaf reader is, "apocolyptic." True, the roller coaster ride continues to be a wild one, but it might be a good thing to pause and take a deep breath. No matter what the...

Is There Succession Planning in Your Future?

Interesting observations in an email from Nick Denbow over at Processing Talk this morning. He writes:

Preserving the Mississippi...sort of...

Nick Denbow, of the UK's ProcessingTalk writes: Thermo Fisher Scientific mass spectrometry equipment is used in Europe and Canada for research and monitoring of drinking water supplies, and for the detection of pharmaceutical residues. Their recent release suggests that an AP report has mentioned the levels of pharmaceuticals found in...

The European Perspective on ISA Expo 2007

Walt's on his way to China, but before he left, he sent me a link to "ProcessingTalk" newsletter--which covers all things process manufacturing around the world from the U.K. This edition on the newsletter contains a view of ISA Expo 2007 from a return visitor from across the pond.