PTO, FF and HCF put more pressure on wireless cooperation

In a joint press release to be issued this morning, the Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, and the Profibus Nutzeroganization (PTO) will announce the formation of a "Wireless Collaboration Team" aimed at producing a single "common interface to a wireless gateway." The release says that the three organizations "have also agreed...

More stop!

Carl Henning responded to my post about the Profibus newsletter. I am promoting it to the main blog: When I was a user of automation technology I wanted to know how the technology I chose was doing. I could be more certain of continuing support if I chose a successful technology.

Oh, for pity's sake, stop!

This came in from the recent Profibus newsletter: THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FIELDBUS IN HISTORY: PI, the umbrella organization of PROFIBUS and PROFINET, recently announced that PROFIBUS passed an important milestone in 2006. A further 3.4 million PROFIBUS-equipped devices were sold.