Substation equipment and cyber issues

Substation equipment and cyber issues Much has been written about what did, didn’t, or could have happened with the recent Florida blackout. Any potential terrorism issues would be physical and/or cyber. Physical terrorism is generally visible and can be ruled in or out fairly quickly.

Control systems are isolated, not…

How isolated are control system networks? There is a prevailing view by many that corporate firewalls and DMZ's provide adequate screening and protection to minimize "hits" on control system networks. Consequently, there is an expectation that control system firewalls (if they even exist) will see very little traffic.

Demonstration Process Control Network– A Vision

Following the August Applied Control Solutions Workshop in Knoxville, several utilities and vendors got together to discuss the idea of an "open test bed" for security that would also utilize DOE lab expertise. The concept of an "open test bed" means that all non-proprietary information from the testing would be...