ABB releases Q1 financial data-- slow improvement #pauto

Some bad news, some good news, some neutral news, but overall, the economic picture seems to be improving. Here's the release, full-text:

Yokogawa gets ready for the recovery; shuffles reps in two most important US territories #pauto

In a clear sign that Yokogawa's North American sales management sees the recovery beginning to happen, the company announced today that it was, effective March 16, appointing Techstar and BBP Sales as their representatives in the two most important US territories for the oil, gas and petrochemical focused automation giant.

Rockwell Automation business improves-- salary cuts restored!

This is a wonderful piece of news, relayed by Theresa Houck of "The Journal"...

Longbow Research says the market is improving!

Longbow Research has published their January Automation Update. They are far more bullish in this report than in previous months' issues.

Happy Monday! The Conference Board has more good news!

From the Conference Board:

Lagging indicators show moderating decline-- That's good news

It is important to understand the difference between lagging and leading economic indicators, since the reports in the media tend to muddle the two sets of indicators together. Unemployment and hiring are lagging indicators. That means that an economic downturn has started months before unemployment starts growing, and an...

Job vacancies roughly flat in February-- leading indicator provides good news, bad news

Well, maybe some good news. The Conference Board reports that online advertised job vacancies were basically flat in February, rather than dipping lower.


From his mouth to God's ear, FMA economic analyst Chris Kuehl sees an uptrend in manufacturing before the end of 2009.

Recession? ABB posts strong third quarter

Although their process automation business showed a slowdown, overall, ABB reported results that indicate that unless the mortgage credit crisis is protracted or becomes more ominous, the process industries may escape the worst of the soi disant recession we seem to be having. This may be whistling past the graveyard.


The US Federal Reserve Bank's emergency cut in the prime rate this morning makes anybody warmer than a rock ask if we're heading into a recession, and how bad it is going to be. Well, for the process industries, and process automation, we can help.