Passive Wireless Sensor Workshop

In less than 1 week (July 27 -28) a wide range of experts will be in Houston at the Westlake Club to discuss how passive sensors (similar to RFID) will be used in the future.

ISA Communications Division/ 57 IIS Symposium / Passive Wireless Sensor-Tag Workshop

Hello from St Louis! Just wrapping up a week of ISA symposium and meetings before heading home for a month and my list of summer yard chores.

More RFID from Siemens

From a press release just received: Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc., in collaboration with URS/EG&G's Systems Development & Engineering Services, has unveiled the next generation of supply chain, RFID technology. The RFID PathMinder combines the RFID integration and domain expertise of URS/EG&G with Siemens advanced automation and RFID product technology...

It's 2 PM...Do you know where your system integrators are?

Well, Siemens does. More than 300 system integrators, vendors, and journalists received a special greeting as they entered two meeting areas of the Control System Integrators Association Conference in Santa Fe, N.M. A 19 inch industrial monitor positioned at each entrance flashed the names of the participants as they walked...

Big Noise from Foxboro (Mass.)

Bette Midler (if you're too young to know who that is, you've missed some great songs...) put out an album (remember them?) called "Big Noise from Winnetka"....God, I hate having to explain titles on this blog...

Getting RFID and FF Power Conditioners

Turck had not one, but two, count 'em, two major new product announcements to make yesterday. The first was about RFID, the second was about Foundation Fieldbus Power Conditioning. But first, Dean McCaskill, who's been president of Turck, Inc.