Robots Take Over, Humans Are Now an Endangered Species

Don't worry Sten Corfitsen and his business partners are doing something to save the human race. They have invented a fully automated, robotic refueling unit for cars.

Better Robots to Replace Skilled Workers

New and improve robots can replace skilled workers around the world in both manufacturing and distributions jobs. Right now, many corporations and electronic giants in America and worldwide, outsource low-skilled workers to contries where labor costs come out cheap.

Live from WBF 2008-- Applying ISA88 in a nontraditional application

Leveraging the ISA-88 Standard--in a Multi-Station Dipping Process John Parraga & Marcus Tennant Rockwell Automation Industry and Requirements Challenges of the Process How ISA-88 was Applied Benefits and Conclusion Questions Processing objectives: Surface cleaning Chemical Milling, Wet etching Layer thinning, Layer stripping   Parts anodizing, Plating Gas deposition Multiple parts types:...