Live from WBF 2008--Implementing ISA88 Across Life Science Development

Louis Ciabattoni is a CPIM from Conformia Software. AGENDA: Overview of Pharmaceutical Development Operations Differences from Commercial Manufacturing FDA Initiatives shaping Drug Development New S88 Concepts for Development Strategies for S88 Acceptance Conclusions Overview of Pharma Development Operations: Research-->Drug Substance (API)-->Drug Product--->Commercial Manufacturing Between Research and Commercial Manufacturing there is...

Live from WBF 2008-- Paul Nowicki beams up

Using slides of different generations of the Star Trek Enterprise, and with a nod to Star Wars (Long, long ago...) Rockwell Automation's Paul Nowicki began his update of ISA88.01-- Updated for Today's Best Practices. Part 1: Models and Terminology – Reaffirmed in 2005 Relevant Correct Used by the community Update...

Live from WBF2008--Design of a Batch Process Control Tool on the PLC Platform

The presentation was authored by Giovani Godena, Igor STeiner, Janez Tancek and Marko Svetina, and presented by Steiner. The presentation content: ISA-S88.01 and Modular Batch Automation ISA-S88.01 Batch Control Tools: Configuration ISA-S88.01 Batch Control Tools: Pros&Cons PLC Batch Control: Requirements Concept of Tabular Recipes on PLC PLC Batch Control: Configuration...

Live from WBF 2008-- Dave Chappell reviews Make2Pack ISA88 Part 5

Procter and Gamble retiree Dave Chappell gave an update and overview of ISA88 Part 5. ISA88 Part 5 defines a reference model for module equipment control within equipment modules and control modules based on the equipment control concepts described in Part 1 of this standard.   The reference model applies to...

Live from WBF 2008--The Challenge of Integrating Multiple Batch Systems to Global Business Systems

Frede Vinther NNE Pharmaplan A/S presented on this challenge. His agenda: Background Needs and Obstacles Alignment and Discrepancy – The Human Factor Manufacturing Scheme Manufacturing Operations Management Standards Path Forward People and Governments spends more and more money on Healthcare; The more wealthy the more money are spend.

Live from WBF 2008--Independence Day for Equipment Modules!

This presentation was made by Gordon Roney, of Noramco, Inc. and Andrew Blankenship from Innovative Controls, Inc. Noramco, Inc. manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients, narcotics and medical devices in three production facilities.  The oldest of the production facilities, Building 1, is used to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients.  In 2002, Noramco...

Live from WBF 2008: Session 1--Battling Batch Diseases Worldwide

Chris Monchinski, from Automation Control Concepts introduced the WBF "Center for Batch Disease Control" (Dennis Brandl, Charlie Gifford, Paul Nowicki, Dave Chappell, Lynn Craig, Randy Dwiggins) to reduce the incidence of BBCS (Bad Batch Control Systems) and BOMS (Bad Operations and Management Systems) which is also sometimes called MESses.

Oh, this is truly good! Honest!

Just received this press release from ISA. This is great, especially if the CD is searchable by keyword.

Data Transaction Efficiency in Batch Control: Eliminating the Middleman

by Scott W. Sommer, PE, CAP, Jacobs Engineering Group. (Again, this was an excellent talk but so graphics intensive I can't blog it and do it justice)...

Standards Update

Dressed as football players, complete with helmets, Dennis Brandl, Keith Unger, Charlie Gifford, Lynn Craig, and Dave Chappell gave updates on the standards of interest to WBF. Brandl talked about the SP88 update of Part 1. They are getting rid of the fuzziness, now that we have 10 years.