Safecomp 2009 -- Day 3 GfSE and ICOSE joint meeting


Safecomp Day 2-- Verification, Validation and Test-- and Fault Tolerance

Three scientists all named Mohammed, M. Zulkermine, M. Raihan, M. Uddin presented "Towards Model-Based Automatic Testing of Attack Scenarios." I kept wondering why they didn't mention the Achilles system, which is the de-facto standard for such testing.

Safecomp-- my own talk...

I forgot, yesterday, to say anything about the "invited talk" that _I_ gave.

Safecomp 2009 Day Two

While we concentrate at Control and on process control in the batch, continuous and hybrid processing industries, I personally have wider interests in control... so it is fascinating to see how other control domains are practiced. Today at Safecomp, we are talking about other domains including railway control.

More from Safecomp

John Eidar Simensen of Institute for Energy Technology offered a methodology using Baysian Belief Networks for estimating the complexity of critical instrumentation and control systems. This is an ongoing project which may provide the first real metrics for complexity after years of trying.

Voices from Safecomp 2009

[img_assist|nid=3154|title=Safecomp 2009 Programme|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=226|height=320]Here are some notes from several of the talks at Safecomp: