Dad's Outta Town!

Walt says he's turned over the keys to the blogging machine to me. Silly man. Only one day, and I've already muffed it. Didn't post anything yesterday. That's like Dad leaving you the keys to the car, and you leave it sitting in the garage.

Armenian Update

Messing around online this morning and came across this update on the explosion at the Nairit rubber facility in Yerevan, Armenia. Death toll is now 4, although there is talk of a fifth fatality. As is all too often the case in these situations, this accident didn't just happen...

You Know, This Is Getting Really Old

And another process operation goes boom!  We're thinking of having the IT wallahs here develop a template so we can just fill in the blanks when the next one happens.

Another Safety SNAFU


You don't really want to see this-- not at a Nuclear Power Plant

[img_assist|nid=2757|title=Windows error message at Iran nuclear plant|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=480|height=320]This is surely something you don't want to see in a Windows based HMI...and certainly not in a Nuclear Power Plant HMI...according to Dick Morley, who found the picture on, this is a screenshot from a Nuclear Power Plant in Iran.