Mark Your Calendars

Taking the blogging machine out of the garage for a spin this afternoon--now that our November issue is wrapped up. Lots of important stuff going on while we've been heads down copyediting here. One that deserves special attention is this:

ISA99.02.01 cyber security standard approved by ANSI, submitted to IEC

ISA99.02.01 was approved by ANSI as an American National Standard on 13 January 2009. It has now been submitted to IEC65 WG10 for the IEC process. Individuals who are members of ISA may download the standard at no charge for your individual use.

Is there a SCADA link in the Terry Childs incident in San Francisco?

San Francisco and SCADA Jake Brodsky brought up the following, "Do management and law enforcement types have any clue as to how one might regain control of a SCADA system after a rogue employee has secured everyone out of it?" I had planned on saying something at the Conference next...

Core Technologies Outs Citect to Associated Press

Thanks to Marcus Sachs for pointing me to this one---WB In my view, this raises several questions. Why, again (remember, Core accused Wonderware of dilatory response just a couple of months ago) did Citect take five months to fix the problem? Why did Core go to the Associated Press? Does...