Safecomp 2009 -- Day 3 GfSE and ICOSE joint meeting


Safecomp Day 2-- Verification, Validation and Test-- and Fault Tolerance

Three scientists all named Mohammed, M. Zulkermine, M. Raihan, M. Uddin presented "Towards Model-Based Automatic Testing of Attack Scenarios." I kept wondering why they didn't mention the Achilles system, which is the de-facto standard for such testing.

Safecomp 2009 Day Two-- The Aerospace domain

The first paper in the Aerospace session was a discussion of the COMPASS approach: correctness, modeling and perfomability of aerospace systems. Marco Bozzano discussed the SLIM formal modeling language that is potentially of use modeling such things as error behavior in aerospace systems. He described a model of a...

Safecomp 2009 Day Two-- the Automotive domain

The first talk in the Automotive domain session was by Tobias Hoppe from Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg. It was about IT security in the automobile. As automobiles become more instrumented, and they contain personal data like navigation routes, phone lists, communications data, driving style and other personal or biometric data,...

Safecomp-- my own talk...

I forgot, yesterday, to say anything about the "invited talk" that _I_ gave.

Safecomp 2009 Day Two

While we concentrate at Control and on process control in the batch, continuous and hybrid processing industries, I personally have wider interests in control... so it is fascinating to see how other control domains are practiced. Today at Safecomp, we are talking about other domains including railway control.

Voices from Safecomp 2009

[img_assist|nid=3154|title=Safecomp 2009 Programme|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=226|height=320]Here are some notes from several of the talks at Safecomp:

Welcome to the Process Automation Usability Project-- #PAutoUP

We have been working on a Web 2.0 Social Media enabled way for the process automation community to discuss, teach and learn about usability issues in process automation for some time. It is called the Process Automation Usability Project, and you can find it here.

Dad's Outta Town!

Walt says he's turned over the keys to the blogging machine to me. Silly man. Only one day, and I've already muffed it. Didn't post anything yesterday. That's like Dad leaving you the keys to the car, and you leave it sitting in the garage.

Security breaches continue to accelerate

Hackers penetrated the University of California, Berkeley student and alumni database, stealing the records of 160,000 individuals. The incident is the latest in a string of incidents that has some security experts calling for greater efforts in protecting data and critical networks.