First blog of the year-- Control's 20th anniversary

Welcome to 2008! I hope all your teams won, all your family events were joyous and unstressful, and that you are all ready to confront another year of challenges and opportunities. We certainly are. This is Control's 20th year.

...and Control magazine makes the news...

...or rather, the Chicago Sun-Times in today's column by Neil Steinberg. We are collectively quite flattered by Mr. Steinberg's attention:

The Traveler Returns

Got an email from Walt this morning. "Got home at 7:00 last night. Still dead. Going back to bed now. See you in the morning." So you can expect some good and tasty Walt-isms starting tomorrow.

ISA declares Marketing and Sales Summit a success...

And while this might be the time for some shameless self promotion, the fact is that as titular chair of the event, I was backed by a group of tireless people who did all the work. So they should get the credit, and not me.

Walt's Vacation, Philosophy and the September Issue

If the editor in chief goes on vacation and no one know where, does the magazine blog cease to exist? Not necessarily. At least not if he made the mistake of giving his managing editor the password to the posting software.

Talking to the Corner Office

This morning, I was supposed to give a speech at the RealtimeACS Cybersecurity Conference in Knoxville, Tenn. I couldn't make it, so I sent a video of the speech to Joe Weiss on a DVD. Katherine Bonfante, our Digital Managing Editor, has posted the speech at: For those of...

ACS Cybersecurity Conference pulls powerful speakers together

Control Magazine has been working very hard with Joe Weiss on this conference and we're really pleased to share the agenda with you. It is a real powerhouse conference. You can still come and be a part of it. Register at Agenda for the ACS CyberSecurity Conference

Control and Control Design are ASBPE award finalists...

and Control Design magazine have been notified that ASBPE (American Society of Business Publication Editors) Awards will be forthcoming in June: To Joe Feeley, Jim Montague and Jen Dakas, for Control Design's technical article, "Pretty Pictures" in the October 2006 issue; To Dan Hebert, for Control's "Technically Speaking: Who...