Siemens Talks Supply Chain Challenges

This just came into my mailbox. Interesting discussion with Robert Tepe  and and Charice Chianna of Siemens E&A and Kurt Skillman of Toshiba about how the current global economic situation has complicated the lives of companies trying to get their products from here to there.

Not Easy Being Green, but Siemens Will Get You Started in Five Easy Steps

Earth Day this week. Time to start thinking (if you haven't already) about how to do your bottom line and the earth good at the same time.

More Nashville News and Other Stuff

First the other news:  This popped up in the email a couple of hours ago:

Sadlowski on Siemens Energy and Automation

More from the exiderdome kickoff press conference: Dennis Sadlowski, CEO since 2007 of Siemens Energy and Automation, provided a quick rundown on the way the Industry Sector is implemented in the US and Mexico. “We have 10,000 employees in the US and an additional 2000 in Mexico.