Yet Another Siemens Road Show -- Mobile ESP

Back from a few days off always means wading through an enormous pile of email. Lurking in mine was the release below. Siemens is apparently taking its strategy of bringing its products right to visitors in portable shows to the next level. This time, it's not just show and tell.

Siemens Does Charlotte

Haven't heard from Walt today (or is it yesterday or tomorrow?), so either he's having way too much fun in China or is out of Internet range. So. . . meanwhile, back at the ranch, this popped up in my mailbox this morning:

Siemens Picks Charlotte for User Conference

SIEMENS SELECTS CHARLOTTE FOR UPCOMING ANSWERS FOR INDUSTRY CONFERENCE - A Two-day Conference Focused on Enhancing Competitiveness Through Efficient Manufacturing, Green Buildings and Renewable Energy - ATLANTA, May 4, 2010 – Siemens Industry, Inc. today announced that as a part of its continuing effort to bring its energy efficient and...

Siemens' Raj Batra on Smart Grid #CSIA2010

Raj Batra, president of Siemens Industry in the USA gave a discussion of what Smart Grid means to the automation industry, to the culture, and to individual people.