So what should we do about security? #pauto #cybersecurity

OK, faced with the Siemens vulnerability, which could have been anybody else's vulnerability just as easily, what should we do?

And Another Link to Siemens WinCC/Simatic Virus Info

to a page on the Siemens site containing information on the Trojan that has affected Siemens software. The good news is that so far, apparently only one site has actually been hit. We will provide more updates as they become available.

Here's the latest update from Siemens #pauto #cybersecurity #CIP

Just received from Michael Krampe, spokesman for Siemens Industry:

We Knew It Was Only a Matter of Time

Coming to work on a Monday and finding an email outlining the report of a major cyber security breach affecting an important supplier and its customers is never a good way to start the week. But that's what happened this morning.

Siemens Picks Charlotte for User Conference

SIEMENS SELECTS CHARLOTTE FOR UPCOMING ANSWERS FOR INDUSTRY CONFERENCE - A Two-day Conference Focused on Enhancing Competitiveness Through Efficient Manufacturing, Green Buildings and Renewable Energy - ATLANTA, May 4, 2010 – Siemens Industry, Inc. today announced that as a part of its continuing effort to bring its energy efficient and...

HART Foundation Press Conference at Hanover Fair Cancelled -- here's what would have happened...#pauto

Thanks to the Icelandic volcano with the incredibly difficult to pronounce name (Eyjafjallajokull, pronounced like this), the normal HART Communication Foundation press conference at Hanover Fair has been cancelled.

Siemens introduces WirelessHART products--Shipping in May

Here's a capsule update on the wireless standards war.

Another Big Gun Does STEM

Sometimes it feels to me like getting the next generation of kids interested in the mundane business of making stuff (i.e., manufacturing) is like bailing the ocean with a teaspoon. How ya gonna get 'em on the factory floor when what they really want to do is design video games,...

Siemens gets order for combined power, control and field instruments from Novus

Clearly showing that ABB isn't the only people who can automate all of the controls, both electric and process, in a plant, Siemens released this press release today: