How A Young Small Company can Maximize Performance Tips

A young small company is able to take university graduates and immediately make them productive in industrial applications. The open, positive, and enabling culture fostered by management has recently elevated and accelerated employee knowledge by providing a means to gain key fundamentals and essential concepts.

Checklist for a Virtual Plant

What is the most effective type of simulation? What is the fidelity needed? How can you automatically increase fidelity? How can you help operators deal with abnormal situations? How can you have a laboratory that behaves like the real plant to learn how the process responds, demonstrate creative control solutions, and quantify the benefits?

What do New Automation Engineers Want to Know?

The questions submitted by the 10 worldwide participants in ISA Mentor program are refreshing and cause one to stand back and think about how we do things and how can we convey knowledge we take for granted.

Walt Boyes Talks Field Devices and Simulation at HUG

This afternoon at the Honeywell User Group meeting, Walt Boyes has been busy. He talked with Henri Tausch, VP and general manager of the Honeywell Field Solutions business unit about its successes in Europe and did a podcast with Peter Henderson, senior product manager for the UniSim Operations Suite.

Safecomp-- my own talk...

I forgot, yesterday, to say anything about the "invited talk" that _I_ gave.

Simulation Software for Everyone


Sneak Peek at the April Control magazine cover...

Here's a sneak preview of the cover of the April Control magazine...[img_assist|nid=2761|title=Control magazine cover for April 2009|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=240|height=320]

If the avionics industry can't get HMI right, what makes us think we can?

Rich Merritt is a contributing editor to Control. He wrote an op ed piece for his local newspaper, the Cedar Rapids Gazette,  last week, and has given me permission to post it on Soundoff!! Rich's point hit me pretty hard.