Have You Seen This Little Girl?

You probably have--in your neighborhood, at church, at the supermarket hawking Girl Scout Cookies, at a family reunion or Christmas party. Maybe she even lives at your house. She's smart, imaginative and creative. She's got a quirky outlook on life.

Tuesday Morning Good Read

If you're at all concerned about where the next generation of manufacturing workers is going to come from, this white paper from SME might be worth your time. "Workforce Imperative: A Manufacturing Education Strategy" has some good ideas--and some that have been around for a long time, during which nobody seemed...

Bright Minds: Making young people interested in engineering and manufacturing


Out of Control--The Next Technical Society I Want to Join

There are lots of good technical societies that do good work and offer great benefits to members. I'm thinking ISA, WBF, SAE, SME, etc., etc. They're serious and important, and I wouldn't diss any of them for the world.